Bringing the Massage toYou!

Becoming a member is not only easy, but hassle free! Bring the luxury of massage to your home and turn it into a necessity of your everyday life!

Relax 60

For only $107 ($119 offer)!

Rejuvenate 75

For only $125 ($139 offer)!

Revitalize 90

For only $152 ($169 offer)!


  • $10% savings each session; all prices are rounded down to the nearest whole dollar.

  • Roll-over massages

  • Free Aromatherapy Add-on per Massage for the Month of your Birthday.

  • Month-to-Month Subscription cancellation may be at any time before next billing cycle

  • Certainly Sharing is Caring! Why not give a little with gifting? Gifting a massage to family & friends are always enjoyable making it enjoyable for all.

  • Ask about our Pack of 4!

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