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Emotional Trauma 

Chronic Pain 


A Need For A Driven Corrective Skincare

Tilo Oumboutty LMT, LE

My name is Tilo.

Welcome to

Waves of Ohana Massage & Aesthetics

Premium In-Home Services.

Specializing in Emotional Trauma with Chronic Pain Management and Corrective Skincare through Therapeutic Massage, Bodywork & Skincare for LGBTQIA+ Community.

If you are searching to be better physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, you have found the right place.

I provide clients the tools, knowledge and relief to truly be your authentic self, making you feel great, but be better than before.

Each treatment whether massage or aesthetics, I provide a comprehensive treatment plan that we customize completely for you based on your individual needs and goals.

As a proud L “G” BTQIA+ and strong androgynous wo-man, I understand that in massage & aesthetics that looking and feeling your best is different, and we must look at the bigger picture from a holistic approach.

Take the first step in being yourself once again, you owe it to yourself to be happy.

Like to know about Tilo?


Are you experiencing   feeling stuck with no way out?


May be your past traumas   are affecting your everyday life mentally, physically & emotionally?

Look no further, you  have found your  new Ohana.

We CAN  help YOU!


Robin H

It was more then wonderful, this is not massage but bodywork. Thank you, I feel much better today after my session!

Sharon O

I have been to China, Japan & Thailand.

I love Eastern Massages. I had the best Thai massage on Tuesday with Tilo. I highly recommend his wonderful techniques.

Stanley M

Every time I get a Thai massage from Tilo, the effects last for days, not hours. Each time I notice a difference in the area of focus. This time, I found that I have more mobility in my neck than I have had for a very long time. In addition, I find his recommendations very useful. I have been using the stretches he showed me for several months--a good way to start the day. This makes a big improvement in my quality of life.

Why Choose Us?


Have a customized playlist just for you. Skip the Spa Music and listen to what you enjoy the most.

Money Savings

Why charge more for essential oils, new techniques or pressure. Save your money for packages or your next session.

Tipping is not required or necessary, but appreciated otherwise.

Customized -Tailored Treatments

No treatment will never be alike. We strive to give you the results that you are wanting, and asking.

Let us know your likes and dislikes. It is always the little things that matter, right?

Consulting & Communication

From the very start and very end, we listen. Inside and Outside of sessions, the focus is 100% on you and YOUR goals.


Should we ever need to do a consultation. We want you to trust every step of the process and that what we do is beneficial for the results you seeking. Giving you the peace of mind that you deserve.

Consultation Fee:

Will be applied to future service.

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